ASP.NET modules & handlers (2.1 MB)
More presentation material from TTF 06. contains samples of how to write handlers and modules for ASP.NET
Beyond The Reddot (0.4 MB)
Sample code from my presentation on Visual Studio debugging
BizTalk from Tulsa Tech Fest in 2006 (0.6 MB)
Presentation material from my talk on BizTalk orchestrations at the Tulsa tech fest in 2006 (old)
CRM problem reproduction (0.4 MB)
Reproduction of a problem in CRM
ECR Split Markers for Android TrackMaster (2.1 KB)
I created a set of split markers for ECR. The first marker is the start finish straight. The rest are all either corners or sets (like 1/2 or 7/8) Enjoy
GPFlickr gadget (34.9 KB)
Show off your pictures on Flickr. shows the first 100 images for 5 seconds each. Just enter your Flickr user name in the settings.
Object Builder demo from TTF 2006 (1.1 MB)
Presentation materials from TTF 2006 where I talked about Object builder. This is not my favorite presentation.
Resources (39.6 KB)
Simple demonstration of how to store things as resources and then access the resources in your code.
Session 6 at ECR (28.6 KB)
traqr data from session 6 at ECR
Simple encryption (38.3 KB)
A simple encryption demo that shows how to use Crypto API to easily encrypt and decrypt a string. One of those things I occasionally need.
T4 demo (11.1 KB)
Very simple demonstartion of how to host the T4 engine in your own code.
traqr - MSR session1 (0.4 MB)
traqr data from session 1 at MSR
Tree control update (14.4 KB)
Demonstration of how to update items in a tree control so the control will show the update.
Visual Studio Extensibility presentation (0.2 MB)
Presentation materials from a talk I did for the Dallas .NET User's Group.
Visual Studio Templates (15.3 KB)
Visual Studio template with a Wizard. Includes code.
Visual Studio Templates - presentation (0.7 MB)
VisualStudio templates presentation materials from my talk at the DNUG