Grinder allows organizations to quickly build file based solutions. Grinder is based on Microsoft’s Workflow Foundation which makes it easy it to customize and enhance File Processor.

Grinder enables system administrators and business analysts to create workflows using Grinder’s Workflow Designer to process files without needing to engage software developers. However in complex situations a software developer can use Visual Studio to either implement workflows or implement activities to be used by system administrators.

A common scenario for Grinder is partner integration (B2B/EDI) between two or more organizations. If the integration involves passing files then Grinder is a perfect fit. When files arrive, Grinder is able to determine the actual type of the file and execute the associated work flow. The processing performed by Grinder includes basic activities like Delete, Move, Copy, Zip, Unzip and Execute external applications. Other add-on activities can be used to do more complex tasks such as: Submit to BizTalk’s message box, Transform the file contents using XSLT, Encrypt & Decrypt file contents.

Because Grinder is built using Workflow Foundation, it is also easy to implement additional activities that are specific to your business needs. Engine of Progress is constantly building new activities for the product which are available to our customers.


  • Configuration Editor
    Quickly configure the Grinder service to process files using workflows and specify which directories to monitor. No hand editing configuration files and eliminates mistakes.
  • Workflow designer
    Quickly build new workflows to process files using Grinder’s activities and other customer activities. Minimal training needed, intuitive interface that lets you get the job done.
  • Grinder Service
    Runs a Windows Service so it starts up with the operating system and provides a clear security boundary to protect your solution.
  • Basic Processing Activities
    • Copy File
    • Move File
    • Delete File
    • Execute Application
    • Zip File
    • Unzip file
    • HTTP GET
    • FTP GET
    • FTP PUT
  • Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform using Windows Workflow Foundation
    • Easily create custom activities specific to your business
    • Create entire workflows using Visual Studio when you need more power than the Grinder’s Workflow Designer offers.
  • Multithreaded for greater scalability

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*License includes email technical support and hot fixes.

Additional features

Engine of Progress also offers the following additional features for Grinder:

  • Software upgrade subscription
    Be sure to receive new features and enhancements as we continue to improve Grinder.
  • Service & support subscription