GuerillaProgrammer's Guid to Effective Consulting
GuerillaProgrammer's Guide to Effective Consulting

Take Charge of Your IT Career Now!

Learn how to work the system to your benefit. Organizations are constantly in need of skilled IT professionals regardless of the economic situation. This guide will show you how to be the type of professional they are looking for. With this knowledge you will not just be another cubicle dwelling geek, but a valuable contributor to an organization’s needs.

Specific Guidance

The GuerillaProgrammer’s Guide to Effective Consulting covers:

  • How to create a results oriented resume that will make hiring managers want to talk to you
  • Effectively use your resume as a marketing tool
  • How to work with head hunters and recruiters to get your resume in front of as many qualified hiring managers as possible
  • Simple ways to prepare for interviews and how to answer questions
  • Keep your skills up to date so you’ll always be in demand
  • Resources to have on hand to help successfully deliver projects
  • How to manage your projects to deliver what your customer’s want
  • Building a toolbox of software tools to use during projects

doing this, you will be well positioned to find the dream job you’ve always wanted, find a contracting gig to fill the gap or to transition in to being a freelancer; regardless of your choice this book will provide the resources you need to achieve your goals.

From 20 Years of Experience

For the past twenty years I’ve either worked as a consultant or a contractor developing software for IT shops. This guide is the result of my experience. During that time I have worked with people that were unhappy with their working situation or were having trouble finding a programming job. Some of those people were probably like you. They worked really hard but didn’t feel that they were getting back what they were putting in. In some cases what they got back were pink slips.

It does not have to be that way. Even in today’s horrid economy companies still have trouble finding skilled IT professionals to get work done. The trick is to make it easy for companies to identify you as the person they need.


Learn Risk Free

My goal in writing this guide is to help other people, so if you are not satisfied with my book I’ll happily refund your money. Currently GuerillaProgrammer's Guid to Effective Consulting is available as a downloadable PDF.

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